RAW - Blab with Viveka von Rosen - LinkedIn Publisher, and more.

February 7, 2016
For the video version of this Blab, visit the Social Media Camp YouTube Channel.

Paul and Sean caught up with one of our favourite speakers, Viveka von Rosen, on a Blab on February 3rd, 2016.

Viveka has been a keynote speaker, has returned, and is returning again in 2016 to Social Media Camp. This year, she'll be focusing her talk on LinkedIn Publisher.

As the foremost authority on LinkedIn, an amazing speaker, and somebody capable of making something as boring sounding as LinkedIn seem like a lot of fun, we are very excited to have Viveka return!

Our friend, former Social Media Camp keynote speaker and bestselling author Lisa Larter also popped onto the Social Media Camp Blab (this happens on Blab a lot), and we chatted with her, too.

For locals, Viveka is giving a pre-event session with the Greater Victoria Chamber of Commerce on February 3rd. See victoriachamber.ca for complete details.

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